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IMPORTANT NOTEEarthfort is pleased to offer testing to clients living and sampling in other countries. In order to keep this service available, you must comply with United States Department of Agriculture’s regulations. In addition to filling out our International Order form and including it in your box, clients sending foreign samples MUST first contact us to request an official PPQ Form 599 Customs Permit to be sent to you, prior to taking samples and shipping them to us. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES ARE YOU TO HAND CARRY ANY TYPE OF FOREIGN SAMPLE INTO THE UNITED STATES, SAMPLES MUST BE SHIPPED TO OUR LABORATORY PER PERMIT REQUIREMENTS. Failing to follow USDA requirements for packaging and shipping of samples can result in delays in samples arriving at our lab, sample loss or destruction, package returns, and fines up to $300,000 US dollars, as well as our discontinuation of this service. These requirements are in place to safeguard United States agriculture and natural resources; violations of these regulations are taken very seriously.

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