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Regenerate with Soil ProVide® and Soil ReVive®

Earthfort is dedicated to helping your farm succeed while caring for the health of your soil. 

Our high-quality soil amendments, accessories, and educational course content all promote sustainable and regenerative agricultural practices. Whether you’re a large-scale agricultural producer, small family farmer, or a backyard grower looking for biologically-friendly and low-intervention options, we have what you need.

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  • Soil Fortify®

    Soil Fortify® is a water-soluble powder that is composed of humic acid, kelp, complex carbohydrates, amino acids, sea minerals, and a fish-based nitrogen component. Think...Soil ReVive® plus some added extra goodies. It provides a natural way of feeding the microorganisms in the soil and is a perfect complement to Soil ProVide®. $14.00$119.00
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  • Soil ProVide® –

    Soil ProVide® is a liquid that contains soil microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi. These organisms support plant health as they decompose organic matter, cycle nutrients, and enhance soil structure. This compost tea alternative is perfect for small farm owners, family farmers, and regenerative ag farms looking for lower intervention methods. If you’re new to... $14.00$81.00
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  • Soil ReVive® – Conditioner

    Soil ReVive® is a water-soluble, organic soil amendment composed of humic acid, kelp, complex carbohydrates, and amino acids. These components aid nutrient and oxygen uptake for plants, improve soil structure, increase organic matter content, and efficiently remove waste materials. Ideal for small farm owners, family farmers, and regenerative ag farms looking for a low intervention,... $15.00$540.00
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  • Cascade Blend

    Cascade Blend Compost is made from 100% organic material. Wood by-products have been harvested from a 50 year old mill site located in the Klamath Basin. The bark and wood chips have been decomposing layer on layer for decades through microbial breakdown. 1cu.ft bag $25.00
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    Microna Ag H2O – Calcium

    This 50 pound bag of MICRONA AG H2O Solution Grade is an ultra-fine, white, natural limestone powder with proven advantages far above standard Ag-lime. MICRONA is so efficient that far less of our product is required to treat crops. $12.36
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  • EC/pH Meter Kit

    1 Extech Electrical Conductivity/pH Meter as a standalone item OR to be included in the Field Lab Kit Bundle. Includes Testing tubes and a Heavy-weighted Base. $285.00
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  • MicroBIOMETER Kit

    1 microBIOMETER® Starter Kit -- measures microbial biomass and fungal to bacterial ratio by smartphone app. The kit includes supplies for 20 soil tests and comes in a sturdy, reusable box. $250.00
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  • Backpack + Accessory Kit

    This Accessory Kit is an add-on option for our Field Lab Kit Bundle. See below for full details on what it includes. $145.00
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  • Earthfort Soil Health Product Oil Biology Primer

    Soil Biology

    The Soil Biology Primer is an introduction to the living component of soil and how it contributes to agricultural productivity, as well as air and water quality. The Primer includes units describing the soil food web and its relationship to soil health. $28.00
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  • Field Lab Kit Bundle

    We want to make soil testing more accessible to growers. Using this Field Lab Kit, you will be able to complete 20 of the Soil Life Tests that we do here in our soil biology lab (Fungal/Bacterial Biomass, pH, EC, and more), on your own! This Kit includes: 1 Waxed Canvas Backpack, 1 Extech EC/pH... $650.00
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  • Earthfort Soil Health Product Compost Tea Brewing Bags

    Compost Extract Bags

    Earthfort Brewing Bags, made with a polyester mesh screen, are perfect for holding compost during the process of making compost tea or extract. Each bag is breathable, assisting in aeration by allowing water and air to better penetrate the compost. $16.00$51.00
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  • 5 Gallon Tea Brewer Restoriation Kit

    5 Gal Tea Brewer Restoration Kit

    The repair/replacement kit is great for extending the life of your aeration system. This 5-Gal Restoration Kit comes with replacement tubing, brewer bag and quick connects and is a perfect fit for the Dirt Simple 5 Gallon Brewer. $31.00
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  • Earthfort Soil Health Product 5 Gallon Compost Tea Brewer

    Dirt Simple 5-Gal Compost Tea Brewer

    A dirt simple brewer is a device with a specialty air pump that oxygenates the water, extracts microbes from compost, and increases the number of beneficial organisms producing a safe and organic approach to soil care. $195.00
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Learn about the Life Focused Approach to Agriculture through our Soil Education Course! 

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Soil ProVide® and Soil ReVive®

Are Your Products Approved For Organic Production?

Absolutely! Our products are certified organic through the Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) as part of the National Organics Program (NOP) of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). It is advised to consult with your state’s own certifying agency prior to use as each state and country has slightly different rules and requirements. We can work directly with certifying agencies in your area to meet the required standards, contact us at 541-257-2612.

Are These Products Compatible With A More Conventional Agriculture Program?
We work with conventional growers around the world, these products can enhance the system to allow for a more sustainable and efficient system. It is advised to contact us for best practices of integration; also, if you already have crop advisors and agronomists, we work directly with them to create a customized solution based on your needs.

What Is The Best Method For Application Of These Products?

These products were designed to be applied through any method that water can be applied; spray rigs, irrigation, overhead, drip-line, fertigation and aerial. Any type of pump can be utilized. Please note that these are natural products with some particulate matter; use 40 mesh (400 microns) or larger as finer meshes may clog. It is not recommended to utilize equipment that has been used for fungicide or pesticide applications as these products can kill or damage the beneficial organisms and substances our products contain. Also, compatibility testing is advised when tank mixing with other soil amendments and fertilizers. See our suggested general application rates here.

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How Much Water Do I Use To Carry The Product Over An Area With My Spray Rig?

Each spray rig is unique, so you will need to calibrate your equipment to figure out how much water to use as a carrier for our products over a given area of land. Here is a workbook we compiled to help you do this: SprayerCalibration eGuide.

Can these Products be used in Hydroponics Systems or other Soilless Media?

Yes! Typically these products will enhance the biological processes in all operations that grow plants. For more specific use details please contact us to determine best approaches in your situation. General application is 32oz ProVide® and 16oz ReVive® in 50 gal reservoir.


Can these Products be used in a Compost Tea Regime?

Compost tea is another tool to add biology to your soil; both of our products can complement and enhance a tea program. Soil ReVive® is an excellent food source for tea production. Contact us for more details, recipes and consulting on the integration of Earthfort products into your regimen. General appliction if pre-treating your compost is to use 2oz ReVive® with each pound of compost used. (if you use 5lb compost you need 10oz ReVive®) You will use another 2oz per pound of compost in the water when you begin brewing.

Can these Products be used in a Compost Regime?

These products can enhance and feed the biology in compost, whether as a part of the composting process or as a post composting enhancement they can assist in adjusting the biological balance. We offer consulting services to composters, contact us for more information.

Are your Products Available Outside of the United States?

Yes, in many cases we are able to send these products to international users. Please contact us for details as each country has different regulations regarding the importation and use of these products.

Amendments and Compost Tea

What Is Humic Acid?

Humic acid is the dark, stable component of fully decomposed organic matter. Microorganisms excrete small molecules from digested organic matter that attract each other and reform into large, highly complex supramolecules with chaotic structures that are very resistant to further decomposition. The molecular structure of humic acid is shaped by many folds and branches that create increased surface area with both positive and negative charges to hold all different kinds of nutrients and other ions in the soil solution. The complexity of the humic acid molecule also aerates clayey soils by separating clay particles with substances of lower density, holds excess water in micropores created by its high amount of surface area, and chelates heavy metals to release phosphorous and other nutrients tied up in insoluble molecular forms. Humic acid is the end product of living cells after decomposition. There is a very low concentration of humic acid in regular soils, especially low in agricultural soils with depleted organic matter content. There are higher concentrations of humic acid in finished compost. The most potent source of humic acid is from ancient deposits of slowly decomposed organic matter preserved from ancient wetlands eg. Alaskan humus. A good humic acid will be cold water processed as a low acid extraction. It will contain humic acid, fulvic acid, ulmic acid and trace elements.

What Is The Difference Between Fish Hydrolysate and Fish Emulsion?

Fish hydrolysate, in its simplest form, is ground up fish carcasses. After the usable portions are removed for human consumption, the remaining fish body, which means the guts, bones, cartilage, scales, meat, etc., is put into water and ground up. Some fish hydrolysate is ground more finely than others so more bone material is able to remain suspended. Enzymes may also be used to solubilize bones, scale and meat. If the larger chunks of bone and scales are screened out, calcium or protein, or mineral content may be lacking in the finished product form. Some fish hydrolysates have been made into a dried product, but most of the oil is left behind in this process, which means a great deal of the functional food component would be lacking.

Comparison with fish emulsion:
If fish hydrolysate is heated, the oils and certain proteins can be more easily removed to be sold in purified forms. The complex protein, carbohydrate and fats in the fish material are denatured, which means they are broken down into less complex foods. Over-heating can result in destruction of the material as a food to grow beneficial organisms. Once the oils are removed and proteins denatured and simplified by the heating process, this material is called a fish emulsion. The hydrolysate process has substantially lower capital and production costs compared to fish emulsion production.

What is Compost Tea?

Compost tea is an aerated solution that is teaming with billions of beneficial microorganisms that can be applied directly to the leaf surface of a plant as a foliar spray or used as a soil drench to improve root systems. It is made by extracting and replicating the beneficial biology and diversity in compost into a liquid form. Compost tea works by putting the aerobic beneficial biological diversity that your plant needs onto the leaf surface of the plant or the soil. Compost tea should be used within 4 hours once the aeration has stopped. You can apply compost tea every two weeks to your garden.

How Do I Reduce Foam While Making Tea?

Use a very small amount of organic corn oil.

What Should My Dissolved Oxygen (D.O.) Meter Read?

Your D.O. meter should read between 7 and 10 parts per million; this measurement is taken while the tea is brewing. The tea should not fall lower than 7 parts per million dissolved oxygen.

What PSI Should Be Used When Injecting Compost Tea?

Injection of the tea into an irrigation system is a very common practice and can be quite successful. Diaphragm pumps are the preferred type of pump as they tend to minimize damage to the biology. We have worked with tea pressurized as high as 300psi. The important consideration is the impact pressure after the tea leaves the system. Also, how many right angles or sharp surfaces does the tea have to travel over before leaving the system. Minimizing damage to the microorganisms by allowing adequate smooth travel through a given space before impact will help. Typically, it is assumed that once the tea exits the emitters the actual pressure drops dramatically.

How Often For Foliar Application?

Typically, to prevent foliar diseases apply 5 gallons of tea per acre every two weeks, starting a couple weeks before bud break. Continue every two weeks until harvest. If disease is observed, spray immediately on to affected areas, drenching the area. This results in protection of the leaf surface by beneficial organisms consuming or out-competing the disease.

How Long Can Tea Be Held?

Tea generally will remain aerobic for 6 to 8 hours. After 8 hours, aerobic activity falls rapidly due to lack of oxygen.

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