Client Spotlight: Perrin Family Dairy

November 2021 Newsletter

Happy November! As this month’s newsletter topic is ‘Soils Impact on Food’, we thought it’d be most enjoyable to spotlight our client, Jack Perrin, who owns Perrin Family Dairy – in Woodburn, Oregon. Jack has been milking cows in the Willamette Valley since 1976, and he transitioned to organic production in 2002. He also produces corn silage for the animals. Jack has been an Earthfort client since 2017, with projects ranging from soil testing to amendment trials. We’ve worked with him and his soils, through product trials, testing trials, and general farming practices and comparisons. Through working with him so closely, we’ve learned a lot more about the dairy industry, and how taking care of your soils can not only improve forage quality for your animals, but increase butter fat percentage as well!

Read our short interview below to learn more about Jack’s journey with his farm, his soils, and the impacts that the soil has made on his farm:

When did you start the farm? 1976

Which kinds of crops/livestock do you have?

Jack: Corn and Pasture. We started with 3-4 cows, and now we feed and milk 240 cows! This coming year, we are considering adding some chickens as well.

We have international and national readers who grow many different things, and may not be familiar with your area. What is the soil like where you are? What thrives?

Jack: I deal with all kinds of different soil, from heavy clay, to silt loam. It grows good grass in the pasture. The only struggle in working with the clay soil is that it can either be too wet or too hard, but having good and balanced biology in the soil helps very much.

What would you say is your biggest success on the farm? What are you most proud of?

Jack: The most successful thing, from a soil standpoint, is that we are still able to grow quality corn for the cows, even though it’s organic! 20 years ago, cultivating the soil was the most difficult part, and now it is a whole new world. Otherwise, what I am most proud of is that our family is working together on the farm, and my son is helping out and planning on taking over the dairy.

What have been some of your challenges along the way?

Jack: On the organic side, it has been obtaining quality feed – hay, grain, and otherwise – and making sure what we buy and what we grow is quality. Sometimes, people think if you have an organic label, the seed is of poor quality, but that has really turned around in the last few years and it can be very high quality.

How has Earthfort helped your farm?

Jack: We’ve had the biggest benefit in the last few years, cutting our costs in half by using Soil ProVide and Soil ReVive as well as having a consultant visit, and following their recommendations over time. We’ve basically reduced our costs from 40-60% cheaper per acre of corn, so it has definitely helped us to not only keep the farm growing, but to thrive.

  • Earthfort helped us to lower overall input costs by $250 per acre while maintaining yield with nutrient-dense forage quality. We also increased our dairy butter fat from 4.2% to 4.5%. This increase in the quality of milk isn’t just good for the finances, it’s good for customers who are getting more nutrient-dense sustenance.

Are these any practices you’ve changed (from Earthfort or otherwise) in the last 10-15 years that made a large impact on your success?

Jack: Our dairy side has changed entirely – grown and milked 240 cows

Is there anything you’d like to add?

Jack: I will say having Earthfort come visit and be local is fantastic – I love partnering locally whenever possible. Having a consultant willing and available to help out and come visit the farm, has really made a difference.

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