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Changing How We See Citrus

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Brad Turner’s career as a citrus grower and caretaker in West Central Florida wasn’t too much out of the ordinary. He was well versed in which synthetic fertilizers he needed to get the maximum number of boxes per acre, which fungicides worked best to kill whatever fungal pressure he was facing, and how much insecticide he needed to kill the current wave of pests. What he didn’t realize was that his conventional program was slowly and steadily sucking the life out of his trees and soil. Costs for all those chemical inputs combined with lower production from ailing trees had put him out of business.

He then educated himself on the importance of soil biology and purchased a small five-acre plot of land to develop his own experimental citrus tree trial. He built up soil organic matter, improved his natural nutrient cycling, created more soil structure, promoted beneficial insects to outcompete the pests, increased water holding capacity, and -most importantly -grew more vibrant trees with better tasting fruit.

Brad has been able to realize benefits on his small diverse plot without relying on synthetic fertilizers, fungicides, or insecticides.

In my 40 years of “hands in the dirt experience” working in citrus as a commercial grower, production manager, caretaker, and nursery owner, I have found Earthfort’s biological testing to be the most useful testing for documenting soil biological progression. I have used them extensively for my research blocks and for creating game plans for large scale operations. The F:B ratios and nematode assays have been particularly insightful.


Brad Turner – Sand to Soil Consultant, Florida

What They Were Facing

Steadily declining trees
Poor soil structure
Increasing input costs

How We Brought Their Soil To Life

Increased organic matter with compost
Cut pesticide use
Planted cover crops
Added protein-based nitrogen sources when necessary rather than salt heavy conventional NPK

The Fruits of Their Labor

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Saw an increase in beneficial insects and pollinators

Increase in soil organic matter

Improved natural nutrient cycling

Improved soil structure

Grew more vibrant trees with better tasting fruit

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Ready to Bring Your Soil to Life?

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Phone Consultation

Talk One On One with a Soil Expert

Spend time with Earthfort’s Director discussing your operation and its growth. Explore any site-specific or testing questions and discuss opportunities for development and improvement.

$200.00 hr billed in 15 minute time increments

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Onsite Speaker

Earthfort Speaks at Your Event

Good soil is the foundation on which your plants grow. This package allows you to hear directly from a soil expert! The Earthfort Director will give a lecture at your event discussing soil biology as it relates to agricultural, horticultural, landscaping and/or soil remediation topics.

Just some of the topics we can bring to you include:

  • Introduction to Soil Basics
  • Practical Soil Microbiology
  • Ecological Succession
  • Compost Production
  • Compost Tea and Alternatives
  • Biologically-Based Pest Management
  • Understanding your Soil Biology Report

Previous lectures have spanned from practical soil biology and understanding biological testing services to integrating your current cultivation practices with biological practices.

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Onsite Consultation

Bring In An Expert For An Expert Opinion

Soil biology challenges permeate every aspect of agriculture and horticulture. Bring an expert to your location so we can better understand your operation and goals as a business. Earthfort’s Director will answer any site-specific questions so your team can explore opportunities to benefit your company and your soil.

Earthfort offers our clients an onsite consultation to discuss a wide range of topics including: soil biology challenges across diverse fields and crops; identifying potential local composting components; trouble shooting compost tea equipment; improving timing of applications of compost, teas, and biological products; and so much more.

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Onsite Workshop

If You Can Measure It, You Can Manage It

This two day Biologically-Based Soil Management Workshop is a cost effective option designed for businesses, schools and other organizations who would like to train groups of 10 people or more. An Earthfort instructor will come to your location and provide an in-depth overview of soil biology, testing, and remediation. Your team will learn about the interrelationships between soil biology and soil nutrient chemistry, so you can better manage the soil system, improving your crops and soil remediation practices.

In this workshop, you will explore the physical, chemical, and biological processes of the soil. Your own soil’s history, chemistry and biological makeup has unique management implications. We’ll give you the tools that work with your system rather than against it, saving you time and money. You are encouraged to send in a soil sample to our laboratory to have the soil biology and chemistry tested prior to the workshop so we can take a more in-depth look at a soil biology report. This will help us customize the lecture to better reach your goals and needs. Click here for an example of topics we offer you!

(Click here for sampling instructions and testing forms.)

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