Soil ReVive® – Conditioner


Soil ReVive® is a water-soluble powder that is composed of humic acid, kelp, complex carbohydrates, and amino acids. It provides a natural way of feeding the microorganisms in the soil and is a perfect complement to Soil ProVide®.


Product Description:

Soil ReVive®

Restore And Protect Your Living Soil!

Soil is not just a growing medium; rather it is a living and changing environment. Many soils, especially agricultural soils, contain a very low concentration of humic acid due to the depleted organic matter content. Soil ReVive® replaces that missing component back into the soil, allowing for absorption of retained nutrients making them available for plant uptake.

This can be used as a soil amendment, foliar application, or blended with liquid fertilizers.

Humic Acids: are the portions of the alkali extracted humic substances that are only water-soluble at pH values greater than 2. They are produced by bio-degradation of dead organic matter. 

A perfect complement to Soil ReVive® is a soil inoculum full of living organisms in Soil ProVide® which play a major role in many natural processes that determine nutrient and water availability for plant productivity.

Revitalizing your soil with ReVive will:

  • Feed the proactive living organisms in soils and compost (works great as a pre-treatment for compost tea)
  • Condition soils that contain low organic matter content
  • Aid nutrient and oxygen uptake for plants
  • Remove waste materials quickly and efficiently

$14.34 per 0.25 lb / $28.69 per 1 lb / $59.40 per 2.2 lb / $126.56 per 5 lb / $236.25 per 10 lb./ $548.44 per 25 lb.
Bulk sizes/pricing also available, contact us for details!
Specific application rates for the most benefit per crop and cost can be determined through soil testing.
Application Rates
ReVive Label
Approved for Organic Input

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