Soil Fortify®


Soil Fortify® is a water-soluble powder that is composed of humic acid, kelp, complex carbohydrates, amino acids, sea minerals, and a fish-based nitrogen component. Think…Soil ReVive® plus some added extra goodies. It provides a natural way of feeding the microorganisms in the soil and is a perfect complement to Soil ProVide®.

Product Description:

Soil Fortify®

Restore And Protect Your Living Soil!

Soil is not just a growing medium; rather it is a living and changing environment. Many soils, especially agricultural soils, contain a very low concentration of humic acid due to the depleted organic matter content. Soil Fortify® replaces that missing component back into the soil, allowing for absorption of retained nutrients making them available for plant uptake. This can be used as a soil amendment, foliar application, or blended with liquid fertilizers.

What’s the difference between Soil ReVive® and Soil Fortify®? While both products can be used the same way, and have a variety of the same valuable, key ingredients, Soil Fortify® has a fish-based nitrogen component that really boosts your soil’s productivity.

Humic Acids: are the portions of the alkali extracted humic substances that are only water-soluble at pH values greater than 2. They are produced by bio-degradation of dead organic matter. 

A perfect complement to Soil Fortify® is a soil inoculum full of living organisms in Soil ProVide® which play a major role in many natural processes that determine nutrient and water availability for plant productivity.

Revitalizing your soil with Fortify will:

  • Feed the proactive living organisms in soils and compost (works great as a pre-treatment for compost tea)
  • Condition soils that contain low organic matter content
  • Aid nutrient and oxygen uptake for plants
  • Remove waste materials quickly and efficiently

$14 per 0.25 lb / $27 per 1 lb / $119 per 5 lb
Bulk sizes/pricing also available, contact us for details!
Specific application rates for the most benefit per crop and cost can be determined through soil testing.

Application Rates:

  • Annual grasses, flowers, and vegetables: 1 tablespoon per 1000 sq ft., 1 kilogram per hectare
  • Perennial grasses, flowering, and fruiting vegetables: 2 tablespoons per 1000 sq ft., 2 kilograms per hectare
  • Woody perennials, shrubs, vines, and trees: 3 tablespoons per 1000 sq ft., 3 kilograms per hectare
  • Apply every 2-4 weeks as needed, especially during the growing season.

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