Complete Series Bundle (All 5 Chapters)


In this series, we review everything soil related. We discuss everything from the big picture (soil history, ecological succession, ecology) to the microscopic (Protozoa, Nematodes, Bacteria, Fungi, and more!). 

Then, we focus on what to do, how to improve, and how soil testing plays a key role in developing your soil management system to be easier, simpler, and much more cost-effective than conventional ways of farming. This section includes detailed conversations on compost, making compost tea, conservation tilling, and other practical regenerative techniques. 

See a full list of the included 23 sessions below:

Free Sample:

1. Introduction to Life-Focused Approach to Agriculture

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Chapter 1

2. Ecological Succession Part 1: Historical Perspective (34m)

3. Ecological Succession Part 2: Primary Succession (37m)

4. Ecological Succession Part 3: Primary Succession (51m)

5. Ecological Succession Part 4: Secondary Succession (42m)

6. Successional Balance of Agriculture (1hr 5 min)

Chapter 2

7. The Natural Nutrient Cycle (1hr 4min)

8. Soil Microbiology: Roles and Functions of Bacteria (45m)

9. Soil Microbiology: Roles and Functions of General Fungi (50m)

10. Soil Microbiology: Roles and Functions of Mycorrhizal Fungi (49m)

Chapter 3

11. Soil Microbiology: Roles and Functions of Protozoa (43m)

12. Soil Microbiology: Roles and Functions of Nematodes (48m)

13. Different Testing Methods (50m)

14. Understanding your Earthfort Test Results (52m)

15. Report Interpretation (1hr 17m)

Chapter 4

16. Tilling and Regenerative Practices (45m)

17. Compost Overview (1hr 3m)

18. Compost Processes (52m)

19. Compost Tea and Extracts (45m)

Chapter 5

20. Biological Inoculation (47m)

21. Soil Amendments (1 hr 3 m)

22. How to Transition to a Life-Focused Approach (50m)

23. Review Session (40m)