Microna Ag H2O – Calcium


This 50 pound bag of MICRONA AG H2O Solution Grade is an ultra-fine, white, natural limestone powder with proven advantages far above standard Ag-lime. MICRONA is so efficient that far less of our product is required to treat crops.

Product Description:

Crop Fertility Management

MICRONA high quality lime not only acts faster, it also helps support proper soil structure and porosity which enhances plant respiration. With an extremely small particle size, MICRONA supports natural biological life in the soil which more effectively releases needed minerals to the plant – particularly in heavy clay and high organic soils. It has long been known that most soil microbes are sensitive to acid soils. Microbial biomass carbon in limed soil is significantly greater than in non-limed soils. Soil microbiologists studies have shown that fine agricultural lime has the largest positive impact on earthworms and microbes. MICRONA AG H2O – its high neutralizing value, ultra-fineness, and solubility makes it the most effective liming material available in its class.

Guaranteed Chemical Analysis

CaCO3 (%) 96 Ca (%) 38 MgCO3 (%) .5 Calcium Equivalent (CCE in %) 98 Microna Label