Field Lab Kit Bundle


We want to make soil testing more accessible to growers.

Using this Field Lab Kit, you will be able to complete 20 of the Soil Life Tests that we do here in our soil biology lab (Fungal/Bacterial Biomass, pH, EC, and more), on your own! This Kit includes: 1 Waxed Canvas Backpack, 1 Extech EC/pH Meter and supplies, 1 MicroBiometer Kit, 1 Soil Coring Device, 1 Wooden Clipboard/Testing Surface, 10 Compostable Bags for taking samples, access to the Lab Database to log, view, and store your soil sample data (for you and/or your clients), our “How-To Use the Field Lab Kit Guide,” and a Template to reprint your own Earthfort Report cards! For full details on what this kit includes, please read below.

Please reach out if you’d like to place an order for more than one, OR if you have any specific questions we can help with!

EC/pH Meter Kit

1 Extech Electrical Conductivity/pH Meter as a standalone item OR to be included in the Field Lab Kit Bundle. Includes Testing tubes and a Heavy-weighted Base.


1 microBIOMETER® Starter Kit -- measures microbial biomass and fungal to bacterial ratio by smartphone app. The kit includes supplies for 20 soil tests and comes in a sturdy, reusable box.

Backpack + Accessory Kit

This Accessory Kit is an add-on option for our Field Lab Kit Bundle. See below for full details on what it includes.

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Product Description:

This Field Lab Kit includes:

Item Description
Waxed Canvas Backpack A durable and water-resistant backpack for carrying the field lab kit.
Extech EC/pH Meter A device for measuring the electrical conductivity (EC) and pH levels of soil samples.
Extech Weighted Tube Base Holds the included ExTech plastic tubes while testing EC/pH levels of soil samples.
MicroBiometer Test Kit A 20-minute test kit to determine microbial biomass and fungal to bacterial ratio.
Soil Coring Device A tool for collecting soil samples at the recommended depth.
Cleaning Napkins Disposable napkins for cleaning the equipment after use.
Compostable Bags for Soil Samples Bags made of compostable material for collecting and storing soil samples.
Wooden Clipboard A clipboard to use in the field as a testing/writing surface.
Printed Copy of “How-To Field Guide” A guide with images and detailed instructions for using the field lab kit.
Field Lab Kit Database Access Log, Store, and Print Soil Sample Reports that you create and manage.
SLT Data Cards For physically filling out your report information before inputting into the database.
Field Guideline Card A quick reference to know what to apply/recommend based on your testing results.

Field Lab Kit Resource Card