Dirt Simple 5-Gal Compost Tea Brewer


A dirt simple brewer is a device with a specialty air pump that oxygenates the water, extracts microbes from compost, and increases the number of beneficial organisms producing a safe and organic approach to soil care.

Product Description:

Dirt Simple 5 Gallon Brewer

Using our Dirt Simple 5-Gal Brewer will produce a safe and organic compost full of healthy biology that plants require to thrive and protect against potential diseases. Our DS5 consistently out-performs competitors in ease of use and produces high quality compost tea, while keeping upfront cost to a minimum. The Dirt Simple 5 Gallon Bucket Brewer comes with:

  • 5 gallon bucket with lid
  • Measuring utensil for nutrients
  • Complete Operating Instructions
  • Air pump
  • Stainless steel brewing frame with poly/vinyl hose components
  • Quick connect air tubing
  • Mesh brewing bag

Extend the life of your DS5!

The repair/replacement kit is great for extending the life of your aeration system. This 5-Gal Restoration Kit comes with:

  • Replacement air tubing with fittings
  • Brewing bag
  • Quick connects to extend pump life

Contact us at info@earthfort.com for commercial size brewers!

5 Gallon Brew Recipe

Begin with a pre-treatment of your humus or compost. Take ½ pound of compost and spread it out in a plastic container. Lightly mix 1 oz. Soil ReVive with just enough water to make the compost moist but not wet. Once they are lightly mixed, cover mixture with a lid that has holes in it for air movement. Store for 48-72 hours in a dark indoor place. After 48 hours you should see white fuzz sitting on top of the compost; this is beneficial fungi. Scoop the treated compost into the brewing bag and zip the bag shut. Then, follow the brewing steps as outlined in the manual that came with your DS5 to brew your tea. After 24 hours, the tea is ready for application! To watch the pre-treatment process in action, see our video!