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I heard wonderful accolades about Earthfort from others who were familiar with the work being done there. I would definitely recommend Earthfort’s services and products to others and would pass the name along to anyone interested in analytical testing for microbial populations and consulting needs.

Ryan Tracy – Consultant

We have benefitted from the soil tests. We used these test results to plan our treatment strategies and now 2 years later we are seeing real positive results in terms of forage plant health, plant variety, and growth. We would recommend Earthfort for soil analysis and for interpreting results.

Tim Mock – Windhorse Farm

Anyone that wants to reduce their dependence on fossil fuel-based products, fertilizers, and pesticides, should utilize Earthfort labs to create a program for transitioning to a soil biology management program instead.

Jake Voit – Arteka Companies

Earthfort has been a quality resource for our soil amendment ingredients. I would highly recommend both the services and products from Earthfort. The products are all of a very high quality and have served our clientele well. The level of service has always been outstanding and I have always been pleased with the knowledge and advice from the staff at Earthfort.

Pamela Rainey – Alpine Tree Service, Inc

The testing and consulting they provide has given us knowledge and incite to continue to improve our products. They are great to work with, I tell anyone in the soil industry.

Conor Davis – California Soils

We have used Earthfort for laboratory services for over ten years. The analysis and data has contributed to our ability to manage agricultural soils. I recommend their lab services all the time. I also promote the education programs they offer regarding the Soil Foodweb and understanding its function. I often reference Earthfort as a valuable resource in educating growers about the soil foodweb.

Thomas Piatkowski – HealthySoil

I HIGHLY recommend the soil testing AND consulting service. This was MONEY WELL SPENT!! I feel like the soil test was accurate the response time of the results was timely. I’ll recommend this to anybody that farms or gardens!!

Mark Thies – Pepperwood Farms

Los estoy recomendando con los productores en la zona del valle imperial california (translation: I am recommending them with the producers in the Imperial Valley area of California)

Viveros La Hortaliza – Consultant

Matt and his team are a vital part of our quality control system. They are always prompt and efficient in handling our samples. We appreciate their consistent and high-quality analysis. Any manufacturer or user of biological inputs can benefit from their services.

Gus Olson – Earthworm Organics LLC

We had our worm castings tested at your lab and were very happy with the results. To keep the biodiversity up, we feed our worms over 20 different ingredients including sheep, horse, rabbit, bat, lobster, squid, Alaskan forest, composts. We are continuously making adjustments to increase the biodiversity-based upon your lab results. I have not found another lab like yours that provides detailed information at a fair price.

Long Worm Ag

Very useful information on soil microbes in a simple way and easy to understand.Solutes to the entire team of Earthfort. I am translating some of them in Kannada language, so that my farmers can have a better understanding on soil microbes. Very educational. Classic. Thanks.

Soil Vasu

Detect Symptoms of Soil Degradation

Soil Erosion

The inability of soil to maintain integral structure because of low or imbalanced soil life, leading to movement of the topsoil in water.

Soil Compaction

Soil structure collapsed upon itself, limiting air and water movement into the root zone, often caused by lack of soil microbiology.

Low H2O Holding Capacity

Low organic matter and poor microbial activity leading to inability of the soil to maintain moisture levels necessary for plant support.

Low Nutrients

Specifically as related to microbiology, the natural nutrient cycle is ineffective at feeding plants due to low or imbalance microbial activity.

Weeds, Insects, & Diseases

Stressed plants attract high levels of insect pests and disease while weeds thrive due to an imbalanced nutrient cycle and soil compaction.

Benefits of Healthy Soil

Earthfort Soil Health Icons Water Cycle

Improved Water Use

Living soils increase drainage and water holding capacity by building better soil structure. This reduces runoff and soil erosion, and improves drought resistance.

Earthfort Soil Health Icons Improved Nutrients

Efficient Nutrient Cycling

Living soils cycle nutrients through biological processes. As bacteria and fungi break down minerals into forms that the plant can use, fertilizer needs are reduced.

Earthfort Soil Health Icons Thriving Crops

Healthier Crops

The need for chemicals is decreased, and nutrient availability is increased. There is less disease and water consumption, which means less time spent in the fields.

Earthfort Soil Health Icons Thriving Farm

Reduced Management Costs

As the soil becomes healthier, the microbiology begins to thrive, and the whole system improves. All these factors translate into savings for the farm, and more time with your family.

Our Process

Know Your Soil Life

It all starts with learning and understanding the role soil microbiology has in plant health.

Test Your Soil Life

Take the guesswork out and
know what your soil needs for your crop to thrive.

Bring Your Soil to Life

From the lab results, boost your soil's microbiology through Soil ProVide® or Soil ReVive®.

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