Our History

Since its inception, Earthfort has worked to bring soil testing, education and products to the farmers of the world; from the US to Ukraine, Haiti to Israel and all throughout Europe, Africa, Central and South America and Asia, expanding the reach to help farmers rebuild their soils for a profitable today and a sustainable tomorrow.

Through the Years

Founded in 2004 to address the needs of correcting issues of the specialized testing developed by a team of researchers from Colorado State University. Finding solutions for biological imbalances in the soil with unique soil amendment products and practices.

In 2007, Earthfort developed the Dirt Simple line of compost extracting equipment. Enabling farmers to create small scale biological inoculants to enhance their soil and extend the useful life of compost.

In 2010, relocated to current facilities and began development of Soil ProVide, a shelf stable, broad spectrum inoculant to help farmers at a larger scale than compost extraction allowed for.

In 2011, introduced Soil ProVide and Soil ReVive. Soil ReVive is a complementary product to Soil ProVide, a food resource to feed and stimulate the microbes in Soil ProVide. Both products are certified organic.

In 2022, introduced Soil Fortify, a complementary product to Soil ProVide. Fortify is similar to Soil ReVive, but with some extra goodies — sea minerals & fish hydrolysate, an added Nitrogen component.

In early 2023, we officially started Earthfort Africa, with operations primarily based in Kisumu County, Kenya. We are currently working one-on-one with local Kenyan farmers, as well as conducting crop trials with our product Soil Fortify.

Meet the Earthfort Family

Earthfort Kinser Nyden

Kinser Nyden is the VP at Earthfort. When she’s not moderating our educational programs or coordinating events and client visits, she’s working on developing marketing strategies involving consumer outreach. She is passionate about developing professional relationships with Earthfort clients and providing excellent customer service. Kinser is fluent in Spanish, and holds dual Bachelor’s degrees in Communications and Spanish Language and Culture. Using her background of international travel experience, she is able to provide innovative, leading-edge solutions to the challenges and needs of our clients.

Chandra Wyatt is the Chief Financial Officer. Since 2009, she has provided high-level oversight of finances, logistics, and HR duties. She formulates strategy — improving business performance, procuring material and resources, and securing compliance. As a person who loves the outdoors and hiking, Chandra is passionate about helping land managers improve agriculture in an environmentally friendly way.

Earthfort Chandra Wyatt
Earthfort Jon Bianchini

Jon Bianchini is the Production and Shipping Manager at Earthfort. Jon is responsible for all product manufacturing and shipment of all customer orders. He values hard work, integrity, and believes that the work you do reflects on yourself. He loves Oregon, and is an avid outdoorsman. With Earthfort, he feels like he is making an impact on our future.

Tyler Kappen is the Laboratory Manager for Earthfort. He processes soil, compost, and liquid samples, and is our primary support for everything in the lab. As a person who loves the outdoors, Tyler is passionate about helping growers make key management decisions to improve their soils. On the weekend, you can find Tyler working in his garden, on a long forest bike ride, or floating the river on a hot day.

Earthfort Chandra Wyatt
Earthfort Chandra Wyatt

Robyn Brooks is the Client Outreach Coordinator here at Earthfort. She manages all the social media accounts, conducts outreach to potential and existing customers, and collaborates on the monthly newsletter. While studying soil and environmental science at Cal Poly, SLO she has developed a great love and respect for soil health and regenerative agriculture. Outside of work she is often playing beach volleyball or riding horses through the mountains. She also knits wool hats and if you pass by with a dog she will certainly ask to say hello!

Matthew Slaughter is the Founder, President and Laboratory Director of Earthfort. He is primarily focused on customer support through consultation and education, but he is also responsible for product research and development. As the creator of Earthforts products, (Soil ReVive, and Soil ProVide) he is constantly striving to help customers understand and use the products to the greatest advantage of the end-users. As a scientist, philosopher, and poet, Matthew is always learning and attempting to integrate natural, holistic processes into agriculture. Even while growing up, he was deeply connected with nature, from observing bullfrog development from egg to tadpole to full-grown frogs at the age of nine, to spending countless hours and days hiking, camping, and canoeing with family and the Boy Scouts. If you can ever find him not working at Earthfort, you might find him walking in the woods of Oregon with Kong, a 70 pound Black Chow Chow, or creating music or some other art with his wife of over 25 years, Melissa.

Tender leaves sprout
and the plant
bursts from the moist soil
bringing life
where there was a void
filling the space
as blooms and bees
conspire to bring forth
a fruit
and the cycle
of eternity
keeps spinning


Matthew D Slaughter, 7 June 2020