Soil Biology Workshop


Integrated Soil Management Workshop,

October 23-24 2014


2-Day worshop providing an in-depth overview of soil biology, testing and remediation.


(15 continuing education credits available for Oregon Landscape Contractors. 15 Landscape Architecture P.D.H. units now available to Landscape Architects!)

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Who should participate:  Farmers, agricultural distributors, landscapers (continuing education credits through OLCB available!), soil consultants, gardeners and anyone who would like to know how to better manage soil resources. 

What:  2 day Biologically-Based Soil Management Workshop


When:  October 23rd & 24th 2014


Where:  The historic Corvallis Depot, near beautiful downtown Corvallis, OR


Why: To provide an in-depth overview of soil biology, testing, and remediation


If you can measure it, you can manage it.


Join us as we explore the physical, chemical, and biological processes of the soil.  Learn about the interrelationships between soil biology and soil nutrient chemistry, so you can better manage the soil system thereby improving your crops and soil remediation practices.


  • Break down residue biologically this winter
  • Let soil organisms do the work for you
  • Reduce your need for petroleum based product inputs



Your own soil's history, chemistry and biological makeup has unique management implications.  We'll give you the tools to work with your system rather than against it, saving you time and money.


WORKSHOP SPECIAL ON SOIL BIOLOGY TESTING:  You are encouraged to have your soil tested in our laboratory prior to the workshop so we can take a more in-depth look at your soil biology report as a class. On the testing order form near the amount total please write WORKSHOP 2014 to receive 50% off testing services for ONE “Advanced Biology Package” soil sample, a $72.00 savings! (Find sampling instructions and tesing form here. Mark WORKSHOP on the form.)  Samples must be received by October 6 to allow time for testing to be done and ready for the workshop.



Matt Slaughter, Earthfort President & Lab Director

Michel Wiman, MS, Earthfort Associate & IPM Educator

Darcy Lepine, Earthfort Canada CEO & Educator

Tom Frobb, Earthfort Canada Agricultural Marketing Associate

Melissa Putzke, MLA, Earthfort Associate & owner Redleaf Design


When you register you will receive an email with location directions and local accommodation suggestions within 24 hours.


Spaces fill up quickly so register today!

October 23rd & 24th

2 day workshop in Corvallis, Oregon


Location: 700 SW Washington St Corvallis, OR 97333


Day 1 (October 23rd)

8am -  Coffee and Registration

8:30am - Introductions

9am-5pm - Workshop


Day 2 (October 24th)

8am - 4pm Workshop


Continental breakfast, coffee, tea and water provided.