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Why should I test with Earthfort? 

Earthfort specializes in soil biology; we believe if you can measure it, you can manage it.  We have been measuring biology since the laboratory opened in 1996.  We use proven methods of direct count microscopy which are referenced under our assay descriptions.  Our Essential test assesses the moisture level (in soils and composts), total and active bacteria, total and active fungi, presence of aerobic protozoa. We can also test for nematodes (identified to Genus), E. coli, mycorrhizal colonization, and nitrogen cycling potential, see our testing order form for details about all our testing packages. Upon receiving your testing results, Earthfort provides a telephone report interpretation for those customers new to interpreting data.  If requested, we are able to provide remediation consulting for those who want assistance on the practical application of soil amendments (fees may apply.) 

When sending 15 or more samples it’s helpful to email the tracking number and number of samples to arrive.

SubmissionFormImage_Page Testing Order Form: For samples from the United States please print, fill out and submit the appropriate form  with your sample & payment. If sampling from foreign lands please print the International form below.
Soil Sampling Instructions: How to take samples of soil, composts and liquid amendments.
Test Descriptions: Find out more about each of our assays here.
International Soil Permit and Testing Form: For samples from  foreign lands, please print, fill out and follow these important instructions.
Mailing Samples: Learn how to get your samples safely to our laboratory.